From millions of subscribers on Youtube, to the millions of views on Vine, Team Internet is taking over the world right now. Internet stars are blowing up every industry; music, T.V., movies, advertisement, books, charities, etc. You name it, they’re taking it over.

The Music Industry

“Team Internet” is a new generation of entertainment all done online. Many use Youtube or Vine as a stepping stone for something bigger. For example, the social media platforms have been used to get into the music industry. Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds of Summer are two great examples of some of the hottest artists right now and they started off making covers of their favorite songs on Youtube.

One big Youtube sensation named Troye Sivan has taken his Youtube fame and used it to influence his music career. He has released two EP’s and been recognized by Taylor Swift for one of his tracks, “Wild”, and has been featured in one of Zedd’s singles.Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.49.25 PM  

Another good example is Shawn Mendes. He used the app Vine to showcase his musical talents by posting six second videos of covers to his favorite songs. He has been recognized by his musical inspiration, Ed Sheeran and within the past year he has been touring the world with big name artists like Austin Mahone and Taylor Swift.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.21.51 PM

Two of Mendes’ good friends, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, are also well known for posting funny Vine videos but they have completely branched out and have been creating music with no label behind them for over a year now. Each time, they hold a place at the top of the charts and have been touring all over the country and abroad. Last summer, they toured the U.S. and filmed a tour documentary that was released in late 2014.

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Many advertising companies see the attention and impact social media stars have so they use it to their advantage. They will get the Internet sensations to endorse their products and spread the word to their followers. As an audience, we relate to the people behind the camera because they create the content themselves. They don’t have to read off a script, they just focus on being candid and creating good videos. This is why Internet celebrities have grabbed the attention of millions around the world, including big businesses. Businesses use their popularity across all Internet platforms as a marketing technique. For example, Pepsi now focuses it’s advertising on Youtube and Facebook in order to capture the attention of the viewers watching their videos. That’s why so many businesses put the name of their company into the hands of these young stars. And the more sponsors a Youtuber gets, the bigger the profit they make.

How Team Internet Is Raising Awareness to Real Life Issues

Internet stars don’t only use the attention they get to better themselves but they use it to spread awareness of different issues hoping to empower the youth of today.

For example, I personally found out about the Thirst Project from a well known Youtuber, Connor Franta. With well over 4.9 million subscribers, Franta created a video on his birthday where he expressed how he wanted no gifts at all. All he wanted was to give back to the Thirst Project. He asked his subscribers to help him in the campaign by donating to the charity or just by spreading the word of the project. He ended up raising $200,030 in 30 days. All that money went towards building wells in underdeveloped countries allowing villages to have fresh water. Franta believed this project would allow his viewers to do some good and help impact others lives and give back to those who really need it. “To my viewers at home, thank you for putting other people before yourselves. It speaks highly of this generation, it speaks highly of the youth” Franta said as he accepted the Governors Award at the Thirst Gala.

Some Youtubers including Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Ingrid Nelson, Troye Sivan, Hannah Hart, Joey Graceffa, Shane Dawson, Gigi Gorgeous, and many others bring awareness to LGBTQ. In the past year alone, several Youtubers have made coming out videos. This past year, Ingrid Nelson came out to her 3.8 million subscribers. In the video she explains how she’s been “suppressing this feeling” for so long. Nelson goes on to say how she never acted on how she felt because she just wanted to be “loved and accepted” by those around her but later in life she learns her sexuality never mattered to anyone. She warned her followers to not let the same thing happen to them if they are in the same position. Nelson explains how no one should feel the way she did.

The purpose of these videos is to shed some light into the Youtuber’s personal lives while connecting to their followers. Through these videos, the Youtuber reassures their viewers that’s it’s okay to be the way they are, give advice, and to never feel alone because there are millions of people just like them going through the same thing.

All and all, Team Internet has been making some huge strides in 2015 and 2016 will only bring bigger and better things for the online community.