Video game companies don’t care about you unless you’re giving them your money. As crazy as that statement may sound to some, it’s the truth. With the rise of lazy game developers, pre-order culture, and absolutely disgusting downloadable content practices, gamers need a larger voice than their own to call these companies out on their crap. Luckily, that voice is here and has been here for a couple of years. Jim Sterling is the heavyset, suited and sunglasses wearing voice of The Jimquisition. The Jimquisition started out as a show on The Escapist, an online magazine and Youtube channel which talked about video games, comics and the like, and has now moved on to Jim’s personal channel, Jim Sterling, which has, at time of writing, 277,631 subscribers (myself included). Some of his most famous videos include “Downloadable Discontent,” “Content Divided: Death to Pre-Order Culture,” and “The Slaughtering Grounds: A Steam Meltdown Saga”. For years now, Jim Sterling has been the voice of gamers everywhere and has stood up for the consumer in a style that Sterling himself calls, “controversial yet accurate.”

“Downloadable Discontent”:

“Downloadable Discontent” was uploaded during the Escapist portion of Sterling’s career. this video really got the ball rolling on other downloadable content issues that he would be talking about in the future such as Season Passes and Online Passes. In this video he states that downloadable content practices are really getting to be awful. Not a lot of people really want to pay for new suits or cheat codes that used to be unlockable in the game by simply playing it. Now Electronic Arts is charging 5 dollars for aesthetic upgrades in Dead Space. What a sham! Sterling does state in the beginning of this video that he is a fan of downloadable content (DLC for short), but only certain kinds such as expansion packs that actually add gameplay time. To me and a bunch of gamers out there this really hits home. I hate it when the first thing that shows up in a game’s boot up screen is something regarding DLC. This video was uploaded in September of 2013 and in those two years, most companies have decided to reform their actions and be more consumer friendly.

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“Content Divided: Death to Pre-Order Culture”:

As Deus Ex: Mankind Divided revealed its “Augment your Pre-Order” promotion, an event in which the consumer gets rewarded for how well the game’s pre-order sales are, there was consumer backlash because the ultimate pre-order reward is the game releasing four days early. What a load of crap! Four days early is negligible, at best. Eidos decided to run Deus Ex: like a Kickstarter project by baiting select features until everyone gives them money for pre-orders. For those who don’t know, pre-order is term for when someone pays for a game in advance before it comes out usually because there is some sort of incentive to do so such as unlockable characters and aesthetic upgrades. In theory, it sounds alright, but as Sterling said, “Companies are announcing pre-order bonuses before the game is even announced.” This is too far. This needs to be stopped. As of time of writing, Eidos has gotten rid of its pre-order plan and decided to give all of the content to people who pre-order it.

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“The Slaughtering Grounds:  A Steam Meltdown Saga”

Sterling isn’t only critical of console games. One of his side projects is playing games on Steam, a PC game store, that are still in development or even fully completed to see if they have potential and to see where they need improvement. One such game was The Slaughtering Grounds, which was developed and published by Digital Homicide, a two-person independent developer. This game wasn’t just bad, it had actually ripped off some of its graphics from Google Images and the Unity Asset Store and created a game that barely even functions while being fully completed and being sold for real money on Steam. When Digital Homicide got word of Sterling’s criticism, they censored him along with anyone who had anything bad to say about the game. Digital Homicide was then blackballed in the game industry and was never really heard from again.

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JIm Sterling gave and still gives gamers a voice on these issues and does make a difference by causing these issues to at least be better or be completely fixed. Sterling is a true voice for the consumers. Thank God for him.