One of the things that consumes people is their constant need to know and be in others businesses. More specifically, people invest their time in stalking certain celebrities that are portrayed in magazines or through any type of media. Our connection to these celebrities are only because of the paparazzi who constantly follow them around, documenting their every move. Which does not allow for celebrities to make mistakes without the whole world judging them for it. This culture of stalking celebrities has been a constant throughout the world. These peoples lives are looked at for pure entertainment, although some turn to it as an outlet from there everyday lives. Paparazzi are generally known to have a bad reputation. Some celebrities look at paparazzi as a good thing because they are promoting that celebrity in a positive spotlight. While others take it too far and put the safety of others in danger. So the biggest argument to this day is whether or not they are doing their jobs or overstepping boundaries.

LOS ANGELES - 1979: A crowd of paparazzi struggle to take photos of arriving musical celebrity at the annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES – 1979: A crowd of paparazzi struggle to take photos of arriving musical celebrity at the annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

There has been many incidents of paparazzi overstepping their boundaries, setting back all the way to 1997 when Princess Diana was killed in a car accident. Many people said that if it was not for the paparazzi chasing her that she would still be alive. Its a pretty big accusation to put all the blame on the paparazzi but people do have a point because if it was not for the paparazzi taunting them, the limo would not be speeding to get away. Another incident that showed paparazzi overstepping their boundaries was when they were the cause of George Clooney’s motorcycle accident because he was trying to speed away from them. Honestly if people were getting seriously injured due to this constant taunting, then i do not understand how they could get away with it and still to this day.

While other celebrities are just harassed and feel trapped by the constant attention. Britney Spears was a prime example of what the paparazzi could do to a person. Spears was such a hot topic that the pressure of constantly being in the public eye finally got to her. Another celebrity who grew up with his life mistakes being constantly documented was Justin Bieber. Within the past two years his downward spiral was documented, criticized and picked apart constantly. Meanwhile each of these celebrities were just trying to grow up and live their life.

Britney constantly expressed her hatred for the paparazzi through her actions, interviews and even music. In her music video Piece of Me she sings about how know matter where she goes or what she does, it will never be good enough because the paparazzi will find a way to tear her down. She somehow finds a way to incorporate  paparazzi being the evil in most of her videos.

In more recent years Justin Bieber was the target for paparazzi. He found himself in a lot of trouble this past year and the paparazzi was there for it all. Bieber is still young and trying to live and learn but that is not helpful with the all the negative propaganda. His response to them publishing harsh things about him was often in a type of violent backlash. Which puts that certain celebrity in danger and even the paparazzi themselves. Paparazzi often try to provoke people just so that they can get a reaction out of them in order to get paid.


Although this is not the case for all people who are followed around by these people…

Some like the attention, learn to tolerate them and even use the attention in a positive way.

Celebrity couples like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield used the attention and were able to redirect it and promote charitable organizations they would like people to support. download

While others took action to not just redirect the attention they were getting but even stop it. Especially when it came to the safety of their children. Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner stood before the Assembly Judiciary Committee to create a bill that would limit the ability of paparazzi to photograph their children. If this new law was not followed there would be jail time and a fine towards that person who violated it.

Many learn to just deal with it  when it comes to any sort of encounter with these people, in order to avoid any negative attention.


and at times when that doesnt work, people just freak out

So the question is whether or not paparazzi are a necessary evil or just plain evil. And the truth is that celebrities are human beings and are not being granted certain liberties that others are granted. It all comes at the price of wanting to be rich and famous. And without them constantly being in the public eye because of the paparazzi our sources of entertainment would become slim. Yes they are our main source of entertainment but we should not lose sight that they people and not objects to be toyed with.