Sex; that got your attention huh?  Sex is a very touchy topic to, well you know, talk about.  See, we were told when we were young that sex was a PRIVATE matter.  I mean, you don’t go around and randomly talk about sex to random strangers. We learned about it and its  negative effects in school, we were told that “abstinence is key” in our places of worship and we were told that those who had sex earlier in life were “sluts”.  Whatever happens in someone’s personal life is their own business and generally, people still believe that.  However, we live in the digital age, an age where no stone is left unturned. We expose ourselves for the whole world to see, our lives plastered on our “pages”. So why should our sex lives be any different?


Now, I know it’s controversial, but we made it that way.  In 2015, the media is stronger than ever, constantly holding its users in its stiff grasp and making us pay attention.  Everything we need is online: If we need a new bag, boom, found it! So if you would look up the word sex on any site with a search bar, you’ll find something:  It’s on every social media site. Some websites, like Twitter, are uncensored and easily accessible. On Twitter, one of the most popular sex accounts has 1.02 million followers and its posts being extremely graphic (hence why I didn’t link it, you can thank me later).  The account, @DailySexSupply, is completely open to the public, even when it says “must be 18+”, it makes it easy for younger users to follow and see what sex “is.” The account displays an unrealistic view of all types of sex. Then again, sex is sex.  Even if an account isn’t made to be about sex, some posts can be rather flirty.

See, it’s about makeup, but it has flirty commentary.  Flirty commentary can attract a reader, making them come to their page to favorite, retweet or follow their page. Our generation is not the most modest generation, which is beneficial because we have more knowledge about all types of sex.  Our knowledge also benefits businesses and “pleasure workers.”  Porn videos turned into porn sites like RedTube or PornHub, multi-billion dollar industries that have paying subscribers instead of loyal video buyers.  Subscriptions start as free trials, attracting the potential buyer to watch the product until the trial is up.  Once the trial ends, more often than not, the viewer becomes a buyer and subscribes to the site.  Sex is a very smart and booming business, ranging from humor novelties and sex toys to porn and sex services.  Each site having a category to pleasure any and every audience.  These sites can be viewed by anyone and everyone but you should probably clear your internet history when you leave the sites, you wouldn’t want family to see that, would you?

In 2015, we have sites that are supposed to be used by all ages, but now have sexual backgrounds. Netflix and Craigslist are key examples. Craigslist is supposed to just sell and buy products, you know like crappy boats and low-priced electronics. Now, the site is mainly seen to attract women and men to become adult actors or prostitutes. The job identification can be seen under the acting tab, vaguely describing the job to be overseen by authorities.

Now onto Netflix. We all know what Netflix is, it’s a pop culture phenomenon that has slaughtered all of its competitors like Hulu. The term “Netflix and Chill” is so known that whenever you look up Netflix, “Netflix and Chill” is right under the actual site. For those who live under a rock and have no clue what I am talking about, welcome to 2015.  “Netflix and Chill” is where you play a movie or show, off of Netflix of course and just have the movie or show play in the background. You don’t care what’s going on in the film because clearly, you are a little preoccupied ;). Some entrepreneurs are supporting the trend by selling condoms with wrappers plastered with “Netflix and Chill?” on them! So for $9.99, you can receive 4 condoms that are manufactured to keep you “one D away from Netflix and child”.


Sex is not just online, it surrounds us everywhere; it’s on television, it’s in music, it’s in magazines and in newspapers. Last year’s VMA’s were controversial after Miley Cyrus performed with Robin Thicke. Most viewers found the performance distasteful and overly sexual (She was grinding on a foam finger on live television). In magazines, there are columns and forums plastered on covers in bold letters, talking about how men and women can perform better in the bedroom. Music videos constantly display women and men with little to no clothing while singers and rappers sing and rap about sex. Even on the streets of Manhattan you see gentleman’s clubs ads on taxis and billboards. We can’t escape sex; it’s all around us.

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The question is, who would want to stop sex?

The answer…. No one.

Sex is a business, the world thrives off it.  .

So…. Sex?

Do you think sex and media make a good couple? Comment below!