The long awaited season two of FOX’s Empire has finally aired September 23. Only two weeks in and the drama is already overwhelming. While watching the show, if you even blink you’ve missed a huge event. With such constant entertainment it’s no wonder the show has such high ratings.It also helps to have constant celebrity cameos and an all-star cast including Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Anyone who has watched season one, knows that this is not just a television show about the black music industry, but also power, greed, betrayal, and most importantly, family. With all that one question comes to mind:Who will rule the EMPIRE?

With so many characters of differing personalities, it’s obvious that each fan will have their own fan favorite of who they want to rule, whether it be Lucious, Cookie, Andre, Jamal or Hakeem. Below is my list of who deserves to be King/Queen, ranked from last to first, based on my perceptions and opinion of each character (I’ll try my hardest to keep spoilers to a minimum):

5) Hakeem Lyon
The reason that Hakeem is last on the list is not because I don’t like him. If I were making a list about that then he would easily be in the top three. However, this isn’t about favoritism, it’s about running a company. Hakeem is obviously the baby of the group, being the youngest son of Lyon and Cookie. The way he brushes everything off, shows he never thinks about possible consequences. As long as the situation benefits him and benefits him now then it’s a good idea, right? Wrong! And on a less serious note, he takes his shirt off way too many times.  I’m sure his fans aren’t complaining, but that’s still not appropriate for a corporation meeting.

4) Lucious Lyon
Oh, Lucious…. where do I even begin with him. He’s the founder of Empire. He was the one who built it from the bottom up. AND he’s the current CEO. You think you would be the obvious choice, but I’m afraid you’re forgetting one teeny tiny thing: Morals!  Don’t get me wrong, as a business owner he is great at what he does and he gets the job done. But when you end up killing off enemies, tricking your own sons, and lots of more vile deeds, why should he be trusted to run an internationally known company? He has lost sight of the values used to create Empire: music and family.


3) Jamal Lyon
Where did he go wrong? If I was asked during season one where to rank Jamal, he would easily be number one. Jamal has the voice and he has the talent. As the middle son, he’s known for keeping the balance and peace which would come in handy when it comes to making decisions. Too bad he had to start changing with season two and turning into his father. He too has let the idea of being King blur his beliefs. I don’t respect how he’s shadily going behind his family’s back constantly. If Empire is a business based on family, then why is he pushing them all away?


2) Andre Lyon
I remember hating him in season one. He was the bossy older brother that would put his two brothers against each other, just so he could speed past them. It’s amazing how much my list has flip-flopped from just two episodes.  I now see him as a giant teddy bear!  The love he feels for his family is there and it’s genuine. As the current CFO of the company, it’s obvious he knows a thing or two about business. Sounds like we’ve got a winner… if it wasn’t for his occasional mental instability. No matter how much I start to like him, his obsession with power, high ranks, and slight craziness always end up holding me back. Everyone has their flaws and those just so happen to be his, but hey, second place isn’t too shabby! In fact, how does Prince Andre sound?

I am not worthy! Could there be anyone more perfect to run an international music industry?  NO!  Because Cookie Lyon has it all! With her knack and love for music, natural production skills, confidence, communication skills, and love for her family and business, she makes the perfect ruler.  She knows who she is, fights for what she believes in and she’ll do anything to protect the ones she loves. Whether its her family or her company Cookie Lyon can handle it.  Put Empire in her hands, and you’ll never have to worry cause like she said, “The streets ain’t made for everybody, that’s why they made sidewalks.”

Again, this list is solely based on my beliefs and perceptions. Knowing this show, so much drama takes place in one episode, that this whole list could be completely noid by Wednesday. You can never tell what’s up or down, and just when you think you do…BAM! A plot twist. But that’s what makes it fun. That’s why this show is such a hit.  One doesn’t just watch Empire, they experience it.