Since 2005, Youtube has been one of the most well known apps used for listening to music among watching other videos among teens and young adults worldwide. However in recent events there is a significant decrease in the rankings of Youtube’s status in the mobile world.
According to the online site TomsGuide, Youtube doesn’t even rank among the top 15 best music apps for 2015. Published in mid May, Tom’s Guide lists the top rated music apps for 2015 including; Digital DJ’s, Tidal,


Pandora and others, however Youtube doesn’t make an appearance among best music apps for iPhone and Android in the year 2015.

Understandably it’s hard for Youtube to compete against these apps. All of the provide live streaming of every music artist, the other apps have better quality streaming and unlike Youtube, they will continue playing music when the app is exited. Youtube’s downfalls are harshly affecting it’s ability to sustain it’s usefulness as a music app. Because of the ability of all users to upload videos on any given subject, the quality of the video being uploaded is often questionable.

Unlike with Spotify or Pandora Youtube isn’t always a direct upload of the audio file of the song in high quality, users have the ability to upload the lyrics which can come with issues with the bass or other aspects of the songs. Also the inability to use other apps on one’s mobile device while Youtube is running is providing an issue with the sustainability of using Youtube as an app for listening to music.
As technology advances and music apps become more and more flexible with other apps on Android’s and iPhone’s Youtube is beginning to fall behind. While apps such as Spotify possess the ability to maintain the stream of music while the app is closed and another on is opened, Youtube is flailing as this ability does not exist within the Youtube app.

When searching for a particular artist, Youtube has many short fallings in comparison to other music apps in relation to how search results are brought up. While apps like Pandora and Spotify limit search realists to specific songs made by the artist being searched, Youtube will have millions of results, some not even pertaining to the actual artist searched. For instance when searching the band All Time Low, there are over 7 million search results including covers of songs by the band, band interviews, lyric videos with low quality sound and countless other results.

In this regard Youtube’s searches are sporadic and random at best, basing search results on most popular as a default instead of condensing the search to only songs by the band. This obstacle among the others described and other’s not discussed previously have led to the downfall of Youtube as a music app in modern technology.