As much as we may hate to admit it, America is still a very racist society, point blank, period. The racsm that is expelled has ceased to come straight out of the mouthes of individuals, but has now turned into a sort of undercover operation, where our media outlets have been the sergeant in charge. Individuals who consume mass media may not fully understand the propaganda that they are exposed to on a regular basis, but trust me it’s all over the news. The angle from which a story is told determines how the audience sees the topic, which brings me to my brutal point: mass media, such as the news and social media, paint black people and other people of color in a more negative light than how they treat white people, in relation to crime.

Take Michael Brown for example, a young eighteen year old boy who was shot dead by a police officer late in late 2014. When many media outlets began to cover the story, the photos they used of Brown were Facebook photos that didn’t paint him in the best light. The photos with his middle fingers up and holding money in his mouth were used in order to perpetuate the “stealing thug” notion, the notion that the young Brown deserved what occurred because he was a thieving thug.



You can also see the media white washing out crime with the Colorado Black Knight movie theater shooting. Immediately the media turned to speaking about the way James Holmes grew up and how that has a direct correlation to his mental health, and the reason why he committed his crime was because of his mental health. Reports even went as far to blame the mother because of how the child grew up. Instead of blaming the actual suspect, they even turned it on his mother, which then sparked a debate about about how the upbringing of a child affects their mental health and a conversation about gun control.


The real way a guilty party is chosen is from the public, and how does the public receive it’s information? Through the news and other forms of media. The public finding someone guilty or innocent is all within how the media tells the story, it’s about the difference between boy and man, terrorist and mentally disabled, thug and misunderstood teen, riot and rowdy gathering.

While many will say this isn’t a race thing, that’s exactly what it is. We live in a world where the black unarmed black teen who gets shot by a police officer gets labeled as a thug however the white male who shoots up a school or a movie theater is called mentally ill. A city feels unrest because they believe injustice was committed towards a young boy from their community and it’s called a riot, however when a group of white men destroy property and cause fires over a hockey game, their called a group of riled up fans.


While white privilege is something that has existed since the beginning of America, the amount of white privilege that is shown and marketed within the media is obscene.