Kylie Jenner is one of the most talked about 18 year olds today. She’s famous because of her Kardashian/Jenner family, but has made her own iconic name for herself. Recently it has been said that she has taken over her sister, Kim’s “throne” of being the most famous one in the family. Kylie is known for the recreation of her face, focusing around her lips mostly. With 37.3 million followers on Instagram it gives her quite the social platform and power. Her fashion, different hair colors, and her new app sends out trends that countless people look up too. But her relationship with rapper Tyga is highly gossiped about. People deem it to be highly controversial because he is 25 and she recently turned 18. There’s always something new about her for people to bash on.
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People like to focus on the negative in people. So for a celebrity, everything they do is highly picked apart and looked into. It’s rare for paparazzi and tabloids to show the down to earth side of her. For example, Kylie visited children at a hospital giving them gifts and some hang out time.

The allegations of her having lip injections finally became too much for her so she finally came forward with the truth. Even the gorgeous Kylie Jenner has insecurities just like the rest of us. She wanted to fix herself up so she did, i don’t see anything wrong with that. And it’s not like she kept it as a secret forever, she knew she had to be honest and up front with it. In my opinion this sets a good example to be honest no matter what the stakes are. She has millions of people judging her but yet she still knew the truth is always the better path. Normal people can’t even tell the truth to one person, so exposing herself to that many people takes guts to do.

Here, is a video talking a little bit about her anti bullying campaign on Insatgram #IAmMoreThan. 

Just like everyone else in this world, her life isn’t perfect. She has been struggling with her family’s dynamic due to her father’s change from Bruce to Caitlyn. Although it was shocking and confusing for her, she still gives her father 100% loving support.
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She’s always giving inspiring words to her fans, especially since she has created her app. This is her way of trying to show people more about her and who she truly is beyond the surface.

Those were just some things that the press doesn’t like to shine light on. Just because she is a celebrity and has a chance to enjoy the finer things in life doesn’t mean that she’s a horrible person. Yes she’s materialistic, but most people would be lying if they said they wouldn’t splurge on expensive things if they had the kind of the money she has. And she’s a girly girl, some girls are, so it’s okay if she likes to doll herself up with hair and makeup. Girls like to feel pretty but she just happens to show it to the world that she does. She’s smart and makes a name for herself. But she is a good person and does have an emotional side just like the rest of us. If i had the exposure she did, i would do the same thing and i could bet countless of other people would too.

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