Within the past week, trailer after trailer have been dropped.  At first, a trailer for “Ant Man” was dropped, shortly followed by a new trailer for the upcoming “Terminator: Genisys.”  These were innocent enough, just some nice teasers for this Summer’s blockbusters.  Apparently though, these trailers gained too much popularity.  Some production companies just couldn’t accept that there might be other movies stealing the limelight.  So, within a day or two, BAM, new Star Wars trailer.  Immediately, the trailers previously released were forgotten and Star Wars was everywhere in the news.

Now normally, after a huge trailer drop like that, companies back off for a bit to let things settle down.  Despite this unspoken rule, the very next day a new trailer is “accidentally leaked” to almost every major entertainment company for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”  With this leak, Warner Brothers then decided to just officially release the trailer to the public, causing another wave of excitement.  Fast forward two days later and we now have the trailers for “Fantastic Four” and “Jurassic World.”  Why so many trailers?

To be honest, I don’t really know.  On a good week, we’ll get two trailers for upcoming movies and get really excited.  The excitement dims down after a week or two after everyone has finished fan-boying and analyzing everything in the trailers.  Once this stage is complete, another week may pass of nothing, and then lead up to another new trailer.  This is the general cycle of things.  It was a good system.  So WHY then, in just one weeks time, were 6 trailers released?  The general cycle was destroyed, and the amount of hype in the air was way too much.  This new system of releasing trailers, although fun at first, ends up taking away too much from the general public.  The most popular trailers were for Batman v Superman and Star Wars, which is understandable, but because of their popularity, all of the other trailers were essentially thrown under a bus.  The “Fantastic Four” trailer was almost completely unnoticed because of the trailer overload.  Overall, as fun as it is to have all of this excitement, it would be nice to have trailers a little more spread out.