download (1)The systematic oppression of the Black man is worsening. In fact, many of the elderly   agree that “we are in a modern day Jim Crow society“–Janette Booker.

People of opposing races may believe we belong to a post racial America, but the fact of the matter is, is that we do not.  Yes, we have a Black president in office. But since President Obama, racial segregation has been significantly more publicized.  Quite frankly, some of the Black community would say that Barack Obama was a scandal—but that is another story.

The fact of the matter is, is that Black communities across the nation are exhausted from oppression. We are exasperated! We are weary of the countless funerals that we must attend because yet another Black man must be buried six feet under. We are disgusted with white supremacy while they kill off our men, throw our men in jail, use us for branding, use us for money, publicly degrade our women, and poison our youth. We are jaded of white privileged attitudes, and the mockery of Blacks.

And quite frankly, the Black community expect that white people are becoming too complacent with their privileged attitudes and wrongful actions against Black people. They are becoming to complacent with rubbing the disdain for Blacks in the faces of Black people.

There are a plethora of issues here: The issue at hand is that some white people deem Black people as less than.The issue at hand is that Black lives are constantly taken by White racist cops. The issue at hand is that there are some people who don’t believe Black lives matter. The issue at hand is that centuries later, the slave mentality continues to prevail. The issue is at hand is that white cops are using the excuse “I am in fear of my life” too loosely. So what is it that we are supposed to do to save our Black men? What justice will the Trayvon Martins, Eric Garners, the Michael Browns receive?  We can continue to record crooked cops and expose them, but what happens when they are acquitted of the charges?When will Black lives be equal to those of our white counterparts? When will Black lives matter?

Truth be told, Blacks will never be deemed equal. No matter how much we try to peacefully protest, the peaceful protests will not get us the answers that we yearn for– but violence has and violence will. For example, the following photograph you see is nineteen year old Frank Embree, who received 105 lashes for being accused of raping a white girl. Embree was beat, tortured, castrated, skinned front to back, and then hung.

pp-lynching-3-728VIOLENCE was the answer for the white man  in the 1800’s. Violence was used to frighten fellow slaves, fellow mothers, daughters, and sons, and violence will continue to have the same effect. Violence is what was applied to keep slaves in check. And violence is still applied to keep the modern day Negro in his or her place.

The same violence that was enforced upon us, is the same violence that we have used to capture attention (Mike Brown Ferguson riot). It is the same tactic we bestowed to become the first independent Black country (Haiti); it is the same tactic capitalized to receive our freedom. And it is the same tactic that some whites continue to use against us (Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner etc.).

In essence, the Black man is powerless in America– and America knows it. By dividing one race, they can conquer and brain wash all.  HOWEVER, Black people are beginning to wake up!  With modern day technology, the Black community are beginning to fight back–with brains not bronze. Because of iPhones, Androids, and other high definition technology, we are using phones, and social media for something significantly less frivolous– we are using them for JUSTICE.

On the contrary, yet again America is finding  another avenue to strip the Black people of their rights. In Texas, they are attempting to pass a law stating that a civilian can not record a police officer with in fifty feet of an incident. So what happens now? How will we televise the injustice against our people now?

According to media, informational pages such as Black Men Matter, and Black Lives Matter (pages whom are dedicated to exposing Black Americans to their culture, history (good and bad), and current news that in not usually broadcast), it is not a theory, nor a conspiracy that white cops receive a euphoric feeling from capturing Black men and imprisoning them.In fact, according to the pages,

downloadover 50 court cases have been discontinued in  Florida because evidence produced have shown police officers fantasizing about killing and imprisoning Black men. Also, the recent case with Eric Harris– another Black man whom was shot and killed by yet another white police officer who allegedly shot Harris  “by accident,” was too exposed on this site. What can we do about these people that become the law makers and law enforcers? According to some people, we just need to get over it. “Slavery occurred 150 years ago, why can’t they [Black people] get over it?” Asks a Hofstra student who’d like to remain anonymous. But I ask, how many times have we asked why the Jewish can’t get pass the Holocaust? How many times have we asked them to get pass their history? History shapes who we are as a people– Black and American. History is what has shaped America. We cannot get “past”   history in America because the struggle, the lynching’s, the beatings, the savage behavior that white supremacy affirms is demonstrated by the Black community all stems from white Americans. In order for us (Black people) to “get past” slavery, white Americans need to accept the plight in which was forced upon the Black people.