While completing an assignment for my media ethics course this semester, the idea that Facebook privacy may not be strong enough was brought up. Although privacy on most social media sites has gotten better, especially with an increase in cyber bullying and “catfishing”, there are still people who do not feel their information is being protected enough. When creating a Facebook profile, you are able to opt-out of providing certain information and allowing third parties to view specific information about you, yet you are not able to opt-in. Being able to choose upfront what information is known to the public about you is a much fairer way of creating privacy on social networking sites than having an opt-out process. This is because the opt-out process allows for information to become public before you change your settings, and this information can never be removed. As a Facebook user myself, I notice that certain ads are catered to who I am and what I like when I am using the site, and that certain information about myself, such as where I attend college, is available to all of my friends, and even their friends unless I change my settings. In my opinion, an opt-in option when first creating your Facebook profile would allow for a better sense of privacy. This, in turn, would limit the amount of cyber bullying, and it would even limit the amount of information online predators are able to obtain about you. Many people may have different opinions on this issue, but I feel that an increase in privacy is needed in social networking sites and an opt-in process in place of an opt-out process would allow for this.

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