I was at one of the panels at the George W. Bush Conferences hosted by Hofstra University and the topic of this panel was 9/11.

george bush

Before we get into the actual panel, I’ll explain what the George W. Bush Conference is. It is conferences pertaining to the Bush administration, while he was president. Scholars, policy makers and journalists are invited to panels to discuss the former president’s campaign, policies, and the mark he has left on America. Panel topics ranged from education policy, decision making in Iraq, the middle east, and post 9/11. 

If you’re wondering, George W. Bush did not attend the conference even though he was invited. Why would he attend a conference that criticizes many aspects of his presidency?

The panel that I attended was called “The Constitution, Executive Power, and National Security Post 9/11”, where a New York city firefighter, a Bush administrator and a Police Officer discussed their experiences on September 11, 2001.

The speaker that stuck out to me the most was the firefighter. On the morning of September 11, 2001 he was supervising a pipe leak and seconds later, the first plane had struck the World Trade Center. This was recorded and one could see the sunny, warm, cloudless day.

world trade

Every September 11, TV stations usually dedicate the day to remembering the people who lost their lives as well as the reasons behind the terrorist attacks. Countless videos are shown of the same exact clip, which is the planes crashing into the towers; but they are all from different views and angles. In these videos, one can hear countless reactions, whether it be a scream, a curse word, or simple confusion.

It occurred to me that although these videos were of the same exact thing, they were each very different. The angles, as well as the people who took the videos were different and each told a different story. No matter the quality of the video, technology was a huge factor in documenting this life changing event. It will never be forgotten because these videos exist. 9/11 should be remembered for ever and will be because people had the technology to make that possible.