Article: Jeremy Clarkson Loses Contract as Host of BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ 

Being that I am formerly an avid viewer of the show Top Gear, hearing the recent news about Jeremy Clarkson surely came as a shock to me. Although I did not know why this happened, I decided today to research a little more as to why he was fired. Reading this article it is clear to me that they had many reasons to justify the non-renewal of his contract with the BBC.

In this article the author points out two main points that led to the firing of Jeremy Clarkson. First and foremost, the accusations brought upon him of verbal and physical abuse of a producer from BBC, Oisin Tymon. Also, they mention in the article the many racial remarks Jeremy Clarkson has made on the show. This did not come as a shock to me because Mr. Clarkson is known for his vulgar remarks which in part has always helped make the show interesting.

As much as I do enjoy Jeremy Clarkson, if I had to take a stand I would side with BBC in their decision. Although this show is featured on BBC’s other network (BBC America), The BBC was originally a program featured on PBS. You would assume when a network is being featured on public broadcasting it is held accountable for what happens on their network. From what we learned in our wonderful mass media class public broadcasting was originally created and supported by the government in order to allow people to learn from watching the programs and also be exposed to other cultures. Of course this goes for any network broadcasting on television, but rules for censorship are in place for a reason, to make sure that only proper things are being said on television. So if we allow someone like Jeremy Clarkson on television saying bad things about certain groups of people, it would make it acceptable for other hosts on other networks and television shows to follow in his footsteps and also set a bad example. This would surely have a negative effect on the people (mostly children) who are watching, and learning from, these television shows.

Another point I’d like to make is that these occurrences where Jeremy Clarkson has made these remarks has been an ongoing issue for a few seasons. But yet, this issue is not brought up until there was an incident with a higher up employee of the BBC. If his remarks on the show were an issue, shouldn’t they have been addressed at an earlier time? It is almost not fair that they add them in now to use in their case against Mr. Clarkson. If the issue of Mr. Clarkson was his vulgar remarks, this issue could have been dealt with a long time ago. But if the issue is with the incident with the BBC producer, leave it at that. This is a common problem when making an argument against someone, when you bring up a negative element about that person that is completely unrelated to what is going on/what has happened.

The final point I’d like to make is that due to the feedback BBC has gotten after this announcement, what will the support for the network be like in the future? A show like Top Gear has to be one of the most popular shows on the network, along with very few others I could think of. If they attempt to replace Mr. Clarkson they may lose a lot of viewers and financial support which would lead to the eventual removal of the show completely. This may have a major effect on the finances for the network considering a large portion comes from this show