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Hofstra is currently participating in a nationally recognized media campaign called, It’s On Us.  The campaign is to bring awareness to everyone about sexual misconduct. The message is clear, everyone is responsible; if you see something, say something. The Hofstra Campaign went on YouTube on 2/25.

March 3rd: The Launch here at Hofstra was at the student center: People were walking through the center when all stopped.  Everyone froze, then the televisions broadcast the campaign.  You can see the people launching the campaign were in blue tee shirts with the slogan.

Just search Hofstra’s website for the It’s On Us campaign.  The explanation is there with information that includes that the campaign is

“…a cultural movement aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think about sexual assault.”

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So who is behind it?  The President and Vice President.  According to the White House website, the administration began investigation of sexual assaults in colleges and universities in 2011.  In January 2014 a task force continued the investigation and pitched the campaign message.  The launch of the campaign from the White House was a year ago.  You can check out the It’s On Us campaign website which includes four sections. Section One includes facts and a place to take the pledge. Section two is a video which is 32 seconds and includes the rapper, Common; Kerri Washington, Vice President Biden, and President Obama.  Section three includes tips to be safe, and section four are tee shirts with logos from partners in the campaign like colleges, VH1, Spike, Newsweek, etc.

So, if you are out and see someone drinking (or worse) and you find someone with pupils the size of dinner plates ask them if they are okay.  Make sure they have a friend. Take responsibility.  Take the pledge.

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