In an article written by Nick Wingfield of the New York Times, the new potential delivery method of drone transportation for goods is being tested. The online company known as Amazon has begun to experiment this method of shipment for it’s products (Wingfield). The idea of buying something online and having it arrive at your doorstep within minutes is now becoming a real possibility.This brings delivery service to a whole new level. Instead of having to wait days or even weeks for the item that you purchased online to arrive, it can be air delivered the same day, within minutes.

The permission to try out this technology for commerical reasons was given to Amazon by the Federal Aviation Administration (Wingfield). The main concern of the F.F.A regarding this new method of transportation and shipping for commercial reasons is the safety that these drones are being flown with (Wingfield). These are used for serious reasons like warfare, and now they are being introduced into a totally new realm of usage.

Amazon however, is unhappy with the strict rules and regulations that they must follow given by the F.F.A (Wingfield). Paul Misener, the vice president of global public policy for Amazon claims that these strict rules are not allowing them to advance as quickly as they can with the new technology (Wingfield).

Not only is Amazon working on almost instantaneous delivery, but they are also working on their new venture called “Amazon Fresh”. This sector of their business delivers perishable groceries the day you order them from their online website. This advanced and quick delivery method will be able to have not only food delivered to your house but any item you can order on Amazon.

Once Amazon perfects this practice, other businesses will adopt this new technology and online shopping will be even quicker than shopping at the mall and waiting in line.There will almost be no need to leave your house to shop, unless you enjoy spending 25 minutes looking for a parking spot.