What does sport mean to you? Most people would answer that a sport is when two teams compete against each other in some form of physical contest. They would say that sports require intense dedication and numerous sponsors to make a living off of sports. What if i said that esports are an actual sport? Most would say no because esports require no physical effort. What they don’t understand is that sports go beyond the physical aspect. sports are about getting a group and making a team. They are about learning each others strengths and weaknesses and working around them. They are about waking up early and practicing all day. Esports involve the same thing.

There are many games these days that host championships around the world (ex. Call of Duty, League of legends, Star Craft 2). League of legends has recently become the new poster child for the esports promoters. This was mostly due to the skillful plays by  Enrique Martinez (gamer name xPeke). A player from Spain who finished the game by himself by hitting the enemy teams base while being chased with 39 health points left. This caused the league to community to explode with popularity as well as increasing Enrique’s. That game happened in the pre-season of the third league champion ship series (2013). Since that game league of legends live steams more than double each year. Statistics from Riot (the company that created league of legends) have shown that the online viewers jumped from around 1.1 million viewers in season two (2012) to around 11.1 million in season four (2014). Not to mention the packed stadium of fans.

Every year more and more people watch esports. as they continue to grow they are slowly pushing their way into becoming a legitimate sport. Riot made a documentary about their rise in popularity and put it on youtube. Feel free to check out the first installment here.