Poor Spiderman

Poor Spiderman.  Recently, it seems like Marvel just keeps bringing in more and more characters to the big screen.  Why can’t they see that the fans just want Spiderman to join in the fun with everyone else?  Is it really too much to ask to have him……wait, what’s that?  Spiderman IS being added to the Marvel cinematic franchise?

Yes, it’s true.  Recently Marvel and Sony announced that they will be bringing the well known web slinger onto the same screen as the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.  This is amazing new for fans of all ages, as seeing Marvel’s most popular character finally get his time to shine is like a dream come true.  The timing couldn’t be better either, as production has still not officially finished for “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”  This means we could potentially see a Spiderman cameo squeezed in somewhere, even if just as an after-credit scene.  This announcement also strongly benefits the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” movie, dated for May 6, 2016.  In the comics, Spiderman plays an essential role in the war for superhero rights, stuck in between the feuding factions led by Captain America and Iron Man.  As writing begins to wrap up for the film, we can safely assume Spidey will have his first full-fledged role as a part of Marvel’s movie franchise in 2016.

Not everything is well though, as with the announcement comes more worries than comfort.  Seeing as Spiderman will be joining into a new universe, that means he will need to be rebooted.  Again.  Spiderman will be getting a new spin-off movie in 2017, which means that in a little over a decade, the crowd-pleasing “Spiderman” franchise will have received three reboots.  This is unfortunate for not only the fans, but also the actors and everyone else involved with the future plans for the current “The Amazing Spiderman” films.  As far as we know, “The Amazing Spiderman 3” was in the works along with two spin off movies featuring classic villains.  Now, all of that is supposedly being thrown away in favor of a new Spiderman/Peter Parker, a new origin story, and probably even a new costume.  It seems as if this new announcement brought itself high into the sky just so it could jump farther down into a sinkhole.

Now don’t misinterpret me.  I was one of the fans spastically flailing their arms and screaming like a mad man when I heard this announcement.  I am without a doubt excited, possibly more than any other movie announcement.  I only worry for the well being of the beloved wall crawling hero and don’t wish him to fall into the pit of all the other awful reboots that have been made in the past few years.  However, I am given hope seeing as Marvel has made it a mission to treat all of their properties well, and it seems like they’ve been on a winning streak as of late.  Only time will tell as me and millions of others count down the date to the Civil War movie and eventually, the new Spiderman reboot in 2017.