7u8HcFW635605609987966265-llamsEveryone one is a little curious, naturally from an early age. Curiosity propels learning through knowledge and experience that without which, humans would still be swinging from trees and eating bananas. Fast forward a few thousand years and humans today are still just as inquisitive for knowledge. The mainstream media of the modern world feed off that basic human attribute and provide for our pleasure, news about the global world.

From the beginning it started with journalists who went by a code of honor when informing the public about the pressing matters of the time (people like Upton Sinclair and Walter Cronkite). Facts would be backed up, actual investigative work preformed and attention to make the story something work reading/watching. But over time the mainstream media such CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, etc all transitioned into a misleading, manipulative, money hungry, manifestations of malignant bullshit that retards society more then it helps it.

Ex: Justin Bieber more important than NSA invading privacy

Not only does modern news feel like grown up MTV or TMZ, but it also poses a direct threat to the consumers. Recently with terrorist acts like bombings and shootings causing lots of attention, the media portrays this violence in such a way that glamorizes it. Imagine hypothetically some schizophrenic lunatic is watching TV on his couch after after getting fired from the job hes had his whole life for some stupid reason. He sees that on every channel all anyone can talk about is some nobody who just slaughtered 17 people in some office somewhere. For days and days its all the news has been talking about and now everyone knows the killers name. The murderer suddenly matters and that’s all the wacko watching ever wanted. Thus the media’s over the top glamorized reporting becomes the reason why the man brings a shotgun to work the next day.

The media has an enormous amount of power, and thus a huge amount of responsibility to serve the public. by getting lazy with that power on a slow news day and making some BS story about some llamas running in the road the media fails that responsibility. By turning the criminals of an event into a James Bond villain, they foster the growth of more crimes to come. So to them I say this, feed the worlds curiousness but with knowledge and truth.

Interesting Article: http://newsingeneral.com/2015/03/01/mainstream-media-prove-yet-useless-really/