Last week, on February 24th, Adi Shankar released a short film called “Power/Rangers” written by Joseph Kahn on Vimeo. As of writing this post “Power/Rangers” has over 12.9 million views on YouTube. “Power/Rangers” is an adult adaptation of the popular kid show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. The short film begins with a battle between the Power Rangers, and the Machine Empire. After the battle, Earth’s government negotiated a truce with the Machine Empire and the Rangers disbanded. Years later, Rocky, former Red Ranger, is interrogating  Kimberly, former Pink Ranger, on the location of Tommy Oliver, former Green Ranger. Tommy has been suspected of hunting down the former Rangers. The short film continues with detail of the former Ranger’s deaths and revealing who is murdering the former Rangers.

Since the debut of the short film, “Power/Rangers” has been critically acclaimed. Actors from the original Power Rangers have praised the film, expect for Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger. However, a couple of hours later Vimeo took down the film and the next day stating that it was taken down due to copyrights claim from Saban, copyright holders of the Power Rangers franchise. The following day, the film was taken down again, but from YouTube. The creator of the film, Joseph Kahn, took to Twitter to defend his film from copyright. He stated “Every image in POWER/RANGERS is original footage. Nothing was pre-existing. There is no copyrighted footage in the short.” On February 27th, the film has been restored on both YouTube and Vimeo. However, the name has been changed to further avoid copyright issues. On YouTube, the film is called “POWER/RANGERS: UNAUTHORIZED & HARDCORE [BOOTLEG UNIVERSE]” and on Vimeo “POWER/RANGERS (UNAUTHORIZED NSFW BOOTLEG)”.

The short film, in my opinion, is fantastic. If you were a fan of the original Power Ranger, as a kid, then you will love this video: