Often times we focus on the big achievements of companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, but we often over look the side projects of these companies. For Google, they are feeling the effects of being over looked, as their attempted at a “one stop shop Facebook” has been declared a huge fail. Former Google employee, and the inventor of the hashtag, quit his job at Google over a year ago after watching his long time project, Google+ spiral into obscurity. He says, “Google+ could have been about identity, became the “Facebook lite” The Google+ instead became a less popular, barely used version of Facebook, and this was very discouraging to its inventors. Google is currently working with NASA, and leasing them a Blimp Hanger, and they are in the process of launching their own space program. So as you can see the failure of Google+ is not setting them back in any way. Another new feature Google has introduced in 2015, is the ability to request link removals from their database. If there is a link that exposes unflattering or incorrect information about an individual, they can request the removal of said link. Google introduced this as a privacy feature.