In high school, I was in a class called Social Science Research. The course required us to conduct a research study during the 4 years we attended the high school. My research topic was electronic communication, and I studied how age can impact one’s perception of it. To get to the bottom of this, I handed out surveys to students, teachers, parents, and even grandparents that involved questions about mass media use and feelings about it in general. In the end, the results of my study indicated that despite what most people may think, age is not a huge factor in the differing opinions of mass media that people have.

For instance, my Grandma uses mass media. She has Facebook, Instagram, and loves using her iPad to text, FaceTime, and take pictures. Many of the older teachers at my High School additionally were in favor of mass media, and said that they use it on a daily basis. So why do people have different opinions about electronic communication and mass media? My guess is the way they were raised. There are people out there, both young and old, who despise social media and electronic communication. Yet there are others out there, both young and old, who LOVE it.

My prediction is that this is due to the way in which people were brought up, and where they were brought up for that matter. I think that it also has to do with how exposed people have been to this new form of communication and how willing they are to accept new things. In other words, the reason why some people accept mass media and others do not may be because of who they are and their personality traits as a whole. I would love to someday conduct another research study to test this hypothesis and to get to the bottom of the question: why do people have different opinions about mass media?

To learn more about the study I conducted, attached is the Power Point I used to present it in High School: Social Science Research Study PowerPoint