Celebrities are put on platforms that make them extremely accessible to the public. Twitter by far, is the go-to social media platform where celebrities post their thoughts on issues as well as other celebrities. Interesting right? Regardless if they are on the “A list”, feuds will grab endless media attention.

Most recently, reality star Khloe Kardashian and model Amber Rose got into an intense twitter feud which sparked an overwhelming amount of retweets as well as media attention. To sum up the situation, Amber Rose is Kanye Wests’ ex, who happens to be married to Kim Kardashian(sister of Khloe); and Kylie Jenner (Khloe’s other sister) is rumored to be dating a rapper who is Amber Rose’s best friends’ baby daddy. Beef was bound to happen since they’re all connected in a weird way.  I myself, have a twitter and followed this entertaining feud. What could be more entertaining then two rich women fighting over stupid comments?

Now, this isn’t the first feud on twitter and most certainly will not be the last, but the question is raised on whether this behavior is appropriate in front of the public. Every person has access to these accounts because most celebrity accounts are public. The point of Twitter was for celebrities to keep in touch with their fans, to read their opinions and comments (even though some can be mean).

Nowadays, it seems as though celebrities only use twitter to promote their newest business venture, or to vent about their problems with other celebrities. It is fun to read and is definitely a conversation starter with your friends, but should those be the only reasons why celebrities keep in touch with their fans?

Celebrity feuds also encourage online bullying. Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose are perfect examples of that. The name calling and threats that they gave to each other promoted a platform of bullying which is not acceptable. Twitter was not meant to abused, but to be used with caution while having fun and interacting with others. I believe that celebrity feuds should be kept offline and saved for the media.