The idea of being watched constantly is definitely not a comforting one. Even though it seems like a huge invasion of privacy on the surface, it could be used as a method to help minimize crime in unsafe, urban areas. In other words, a type of technology and media sharing could help law enforcment keep certain areas safe.

In the New York Times article entitled, “Dropcam Keeps an Eye on the Neighborhood“, by Brian X. Chen, not only is this new video camera able to record constant video, but it can also be viewed on your cell phone or computer. For instnace, if a parent works late and knows their kids are home alone for a few hours after school, they may want to monitor their Dropcam to make sure that their kids are home safe and not in danger if they decide to leave the house. If something were to happen, the evidence would be on the recording and could be used to help resolve the problem later.

However, some could argue that this is an invasion of privacy for those who are walking down a public street. Even though this is a valid opinion that surely many people have, it can also help solve crimes by witnessing events that happen on a public street. This is a source of technology that anyone can purchase and use for their own personal (and stalker-ish) reasons, the positives outway the negatives in this situaiton. This technology could help many people get justice, for example, the cyclist in the video of the article who was struck by a car in the middle of the street (see link below).

Law enforcment could use these cameras to help monitor where they are not in order to keep watch of specific neighborhoods where violence is common. Almost all stores today have security cameras to monitor theft, why not also use this technology to help keep an eye on the violence and illegal behavior in public streets?