Why use Yahoo or Bing when other search engines are building high tech military robots? Boston Dynamics, a now Google own company is a non-profit research laboratory specializing in robotics and military advancement. With funding from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), Boston Dynamics, recently revealed their latest robot, a mini-me of the Big Dog (Boston Dynamics better known project), Spot is a 160lbs piece of machinery used to bring equipment over rough terrains in a quick and efficient manner.

With many quadrupedal robots in their arsenal, Boston Dynamics is also working on a few bipedal robots. Two in particular are Atlas and PETMAN. PETMAN being described as “…an anthropomorphic robot designed for testing chemical protection clothing. Natural agile movement is essential for PETMAN to simulate how a soldier stresses protective clothing under realistic conditions.” With all of this coming about it’s hard to not assume Boston Dynamics is doing something big. With a simple Google search of “Boston Dynamics super suit” you can see it’s a very popular opinion that Robots like PETMAN are in development to improve human mobility and actions.

Google being one of the top technology researchers it makes sense that they would own this company. With most people in the world owning an Android device and using Google’s search engine, having the best computer scientists and engineers is a good thing, but a little concerning when you hear about all of the projects Google is working on. Project Tango is a project in the works. Its purpose is to map the world in amazing detail. Using military mapping technology that Google is incorporating into their smartphones you will be able to have an entire building mapped out in 3D to the point where you could find a pin on the ground that someone dropped. You think Google knows where you are now? Now they’ll know what your bathroom looks like.

Having so much influence in our lives, it’s a bit scary to hear what Google is actually working on that they don’t announce to the general public. Yet we trust Google every day to tell us anything we need to know. Even though Google has all of the means to become “Skynet”, us and our information shared to Google is safe. They’re just in it for the knowledge, fun, and the advancement of the Human Race.